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Whats the Difference Between Rehab and Sober Living?

Sober living is non-invasive and generally allows reintegration back into many of the norms of society including attendance at work or school and outings. While living in a halfway house, you will be expected to maintain your own responsibility and take care of yourself. This is an essential step towards full recovery because addiction might have caused you to lose your sense of responsibility and obligation.

sober house vs rehab

Over the years, sober living houses have evolved to meet the needs of those in recovery. There are also plenty of independent sober living houses that have not changed their protocols much since the late 1940s when these residences came to be. If you or someone you know has recently quit drinking alcohol and is now sober—congratulations, quitting alcohol can be a long and difficult process. However, you might be wondering what happens now that the detox is over, you’ve completed your stay at an addiction treatment center, and it is time to go home.

What It Is Like Living in a Sober House: A Complete Guide

They are environments free of substance abuse where individuals can receive support from peers who are also in recovery. There is no time limit on how long someone can live in a sober living house. While meeting attendance and household duties may be required, there isn’t regimented treatment programming present in the home. When you’re ready to start treatment programs to address your drug or alcohol addiction, you will likely hear several terms related to addiction that you may not be used to. Outpatient programs, halfway houses, and sober housing are all examples of the terminology you may not be used to hearing.

If you are facing a medical emergency or considering suicide or self harm, please call 911 immediately. Residents can rent rooms indefinitely and commute to their sober house vs rehab everyday work and social commitments. Sober living houses can foster peer encouragement, camaraderie, character development, and accountability in residents.

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Long ago, he had what he describes as “very limited” experience with the substances that his patients use. Though he does drink, moderately, his only real vices are compulsive exercise — running daily one month, lifting weights the next — and the workaholism he attributes to the angst stemming from his childhood. His main passions, aside from his work, are his wife, Susan, and their 17-year-old triplets, Douglas, Jordan and Paulina.

  • Instead, it would follow actual substance-abusing celebrities (as defined by cable) through an actual detox in actual rehab.
  • If the price of the sober living home seems to be too good to be true — then you want to take a deeper look.
  • There is such a thing as an ideal way to tackle an addiction, but that ideal is individual, and there are realities that stand in the way of offering everyone the best treatment possible.
  • Some sober-living facilities are only offered for as long as you are in the treatment program.
  • Inpatient rehab provides around-the-clock treatment and counseling as well as a safe place to live.
  • The residence itself can be quite varied, from an individual dwelling to apartments or townhomes, and even large dorm-like structures.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is committed to delivering original, truthful, accurate, unbiased, and medically current information. We strive to create content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Others may limit or restrict cell phone and internet access because they can act as triggers that could lead to relapse. Substance abuse significantly impacts users, their families, their community, and society as a whole.

What is a Sober Living House?

If you’ve recently relapsed, then sober living residences could be a good option. If you’re struggling with triggers and feeling overwhelmed, then a drug and alcohol-free environment can be helpful. Sober living houses are commonly mistaken for rehabilitation or treatment facilities. Both are important to those recovering from drug or alcohol abuse but play different roles. Our mission is to foster long-term sobriety by creating a supportive environment where house members participate in each other’s recovery. We encourage everyone to reinforce positive lifestyle changes through adventure, support, and peer feedback.

Although there will be specific rules you will need to follow as part of sober living life, you will still have access to our treatment team and the medical care you may need as part of your recovery. For those seeking assistance in the Beverly Hills area, consider the benefits of our program located at Beverly Hills drug detox centers. Our professional assistance can make a significant difference in your journey toward lasting recovery.

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