How and Why to Write a Remote Work Cover Letter With Tips, Template, and Example

With the world of work quickly shifting towards remote operations, having a powerful and engaging cover letter is essential to stand out in the job search process. The trend of working from home continues to grow, and a large proportion of the workforce is now searching for remote job openings. Employers are using this to recruit workers worldwide, which creates fierce competition for every position. In such circumstances, a strong cover letter for remote position can be the decisive factor between getting your dream job or never hearing back from an employer. A cover letter is a one-page document that introduces your work experience, relevant skills, and personal interest in the company’s mission.

cover letter template for remote position

You might be familiar with another company that Aviato has backed, Pied Piper. I’m passionate about video compression and I’ve learned a lot about it working close to the Pied Piper team. In fact, for my own startup I’ve been able to get close to their levels of video compression. I’ve been working from home for the last few years so I believe I have all the remote work skills required to work remotely for Hooli.

Top 10 Must-Have Remote Work Skills

Take a note from your CV and go into detail about how that skill helped previous employers gain so-and-so. Read the job ad carefully and research the company to understand how the role fits into the company’s mission and values. Look at their website, listen to interviews with the team, and read their blog. If you know people working at the company, talk to them and learn about what the hiring manager is looking for.

Be authentic and highlight your skills in a way that makes you shine. Reference the name of the position and triple check every word. When you’ve proofread the final document, send yourself an email copy. That might mean taking your best guess on who that actually is. The hard truth is that most people skim a cover letter at best.

Important Tips For Your Work From Home Cover Letter

Your resume won’t be able to provide sufficient context on these situations, so use this as your opportunity. Now that you’ve emphasized your value, seal the deal by outlining any unique skills cover letter for remote position or experience you have that can set you apart from other candidates. If you have extensive experience working at a competitor or in a similar industry that can be the focus of this paragraph.

After all, it’s a pretty straightforward way to outline your experiences as they relate to the job at hand, which is your ultimate goal. Often, there’s no need to get overly creative, quirky, or humorous. Your main task as a candidate for remote, part-time work is to prove yourself as a reliable employee who can provide quality performance without constant monitoring.

What to Include in a Cover Letter for Remote Jobs

On the contrary, it significantly reduces your chances of finding a job. You have the skills and we have tricks on how to find
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  • When you’ve proofread the final document, send yourself an email copy.
  • Most companies are looking for a candidate who can work with their team and want someone passionate, hard-working, and reliable.
  • The specifics of your cover letter will be unique to you, as will how you highlight your remote work experience.
  • In this section, you should explain why you’re interested in the position and qualified to fill it.
  • Researching a company and job requirements for a remote job position is essential when crafting the perfect cover letter.

Explain why you are applying for the position and why you’re excited about the company. Not only will a good cover letter help you stand out, it’s also an opportunity to highlight your writing abilities. Writing is one of the most heavily valued remote work skills, particularly in fully remote companies that rely on asynchronous communication.

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